This method was created for all those who want to start studying the transversal flute in a simple and pleasant way, without having to worry about the thoroughness of the studies traditionally adopted by the conservatories and the music schools. With no complications, the student is led from the first blows until a vast and fascinating repertoire of folk music, such as Brazilian, Italian, Japanese, Israeli and French ones, to quote a few of them, as well as repertoire of some of the masters of the music, such as Bach , Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, among others. The student will feel enthusiastic about the simplicity and efficiency of the technical explanations about the sound emission, the breathing, the care and maintenance of the flute, as well as about the posture, tuning, fingering, scales and music theory. – The exercises are found in an audio CD, carefully developed for a successful evolution.
Celso Woltzenlogel. Irmãos Vitale Editores. This may be the most complete flute playing method published to date. The Illustrated Flute Method has been adopted in several countries throughout the world and is uniquely presented in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English simultaneously. It is ideal for beginning students as well as for more advanced players. This book also contains invaluable contributions from César Guerra-Peixe, author of the chapter on melodic studies. The book, (currently in production of its 6th Edition) contains 36 chapters and 362 pages, covering topics that range from preliminary breathing exercises to tips on instrument repair, including technical studies of scales, different intervals, trills, tremolos, harmonics, multiphonics and a never before released chapter on syncopation written by some of the most renown popular Brazilian musicians. All of this, not to mention that the author has included many duets, trios and quartets by Brazilian composers for your playing enjoyment. Other works published by Celso Woltzenlogel may be found in specialized music stores or purchase on the Internet through the website Irmã